Giunti International - Digital Printing KERAJET

Giunti International - Digital Printing KERAJET

Digital Printing Kerajet News n° |  date: 2022-10-12







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Following our past contacts i send you details and availability of:


  • Brand KERAJET (Digital printing machine) Y.O.C. 2020
  • working width mm. 3400 -introduxtion by fold and/or big roll
  • 80 printing heads 10×8 (type FUJI mod. DIMATIX K6 mod.S and XS)
  • Dryer on free carpet (2 sectiones) TRIPLE PASSAGGES with POLIMERIZING dept.
  • 4 Burners by GAS brand WEISHAUPT type G10 (100 KW each)
    exit on big roll
  • Automatic extraction of colours to recover in 10 tanks by 30 lt each one.
  • Photos : Availables


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