GIA21-024 SOFT cone winding

GIA21-024 SOFT cone winding

SOFT cone winding News n° |  date: 2021-01-16







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Following our past contacts i send you details and

availability of Special SOFT cone winding for dye process

Brand  SCHALAFORST type BKN (Mechanic control)

  • 2 machines (1 x 84 heads means 42 each one side AND 1 x 48 heads ..means 24 e.o. side)
  • 1 SOFT cone winding brand SAVIO (mechanic) 40 heads (20 each one side)
  • Machinary placed in Italy
  • Foto attach

Customer ask me an offer price to buy all.


Pls don't reply me to ask a price but only if you may give me 

your best buying offer. 


Thanks for your understanding 


Best rgds

Vittorio Giunti

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