GIA23-004 Rieter Cotton Spinning OE

GIA23-004 Rieter Cotton Spinning OE

Used Cotton Spinning Open End News n° GIA23-004 |  date: 2023-03-6







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Following our past contacts i send you details and availability of:


  • Complete O.E. plant to produce 100 % Cotton yarns so composed:
    BALE opner brand RIETER type UNIFLOC 40 – –Line equipped of METAL DETECTOR
  • Bale opner total lenght mtl 25 approx -yoc 1996 FIRST cleaning passage through RIETER UNIMIX
  • Type B 1 (triple chambers of mixing)-yoc 1995-SECOND cleaning passage (hard fillets) type B 60
  • Above preparation controlled by UNICONTROL panel box by RIETER Suction line by MARZOLI with automatic distribution through pipes line
  • 8 Carding set brand RIETER mod. C50 drived by inverter
    (6 x yoc 1995 plus 2x yoc 1996) -delivery in tank cm 120
  • 1 multifunctions separator waste recovery with carpet with collection in box yoc 1995
  • 4 Fiber DRAWING brand RIETER type RSB 951Capacity till 8 fibres in introduction – 2 with autolevel and 2 withoutSTRIP CARD type OB20
  • 5 ROTORS (diameter 32) + 1 ROTOR (diameter 35) Rotary FILTER and compacting head
  • 5 AUTOCONER brand RIETER mod R1- yoc 1995/7-Each one: 14 section per side (total heads 280) Total capacity of autoconer 1400 cones cones 4”20 (diameter 270)
  • Yarn cleaners USTER and waxer With automatic DISCHARGE of cones on the ROBOT packaging Type CAMEL with motion on railway and robotizzed arm used to load the pallets from autoconer to pallet (1 line up and 1 line down) within 14 lines – automatic palletizer to plasticize the pallets


  • Capacity request of power approx KW 1000
  • Fibres lenght of cotton minimum 27/28
  • Production line for 100 % cotton (O.E.)
  • NE from 36 to 16
  • Capacity of production (daily)..approx kg 7000/8000
  • Placed in Italy
  • photos availables.

 In case of interest and visit Pls inform me with details.  


Best rgds

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